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My One Hundred Dollar Piano Stool with Bonus

Delight yourself also in the Lord,
​ And He shall give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4 (NKJV)

This is a true account from my own life on how the Law of Attraction works. I have wanted a piano since I was a little girl. My father decided against the idea. He said he had seen to many people invest money in instruments and lessons only to see their child give up music. I did not understand the concept of being persistent at the time, and so put the idea out of my head. Whenever I did come across a piano though, I would always be attracted to it and start tinkering on it.​

While visiting a friend in another part of the country, I started learning to play her piano by going through some of the lessons in her piano books. I was smitten!

hen I got home, I bought an affordable keyboard and some piano books and proceeded to teach myself. I quickly outgrew the keyboard, but I did not have the money for a piano, however;that did not deter me because all I thought and talked about was “I want a piano!” I started looking for a used piano in the classified ads. What I soon came to realize inexpensive pianos sold very quickly, nevertheless; I just kept on looking and believing for one.

One day an important though hit me; “I do not know how to by a good used piano, and I certainly do not want to wind up with a piece of junk or a costly repair bill. ”I went to the library and found books on how to buy a good used piano, and proceeded to educate myself.

One day my mother who lived in another part of the country sent me a cheque for one hundred dollars and told me to buy a treat for the whole family. A little while later I found two pianos advertised for sale in the local paper; one for five hundred dollars and another one for one hundred dollars. I checked out the respectively priced five-hundred dollar one first and found it needed a fair amount of repair. I then called the number advertising the one-hundred-dollar piano and got through on the first try, and yes it was still available, and yes, I could come to see it right away.

​When I arrived at the house, I found out that the people selling the piano were going on a year long trip around the world, and the people to whom they were renting their house had their own piano. The piano was simply priced low to sell quickly. The amazing part was that I was the only one to get through on the telephone to enquire about the piano because they were selling and giving away so many other items that their phone was ringing off the hook!

Once in the house in put my new-found skills on how to buy a good used piano to work. As I was doing my inspection the man selling the piano got a little nervous and told my husband that he would let the piano go for seventy-five dollars. This is kind of funny because if you knew my husband, he loves to haggle, but he just said, “One hundred is fine.”

After I decided to buy the piano, calls started coming in for it. This piano definitely had my name on it and it was in remarkable shape!

I tell people I bought a piano stool for one hundred dollars and they threw in the piano for free! Our mechanic came to help move the piano. Being a relatively light studio size model, the piano got a nice ride on its back in a pickup truck. The price:ten dollars!

I owned that piano for eight years and did not put a penny into it. It just stayed in tune while I spent hours and hours playing it. When I finally decided to sell my piano because my family I and were moving across the country from Alberta to Ontario to spent time with my aging mother, I received seven hundred and fifty dollars for it. The buyer was a concert pianist who wanted a piano for his students. He graced us with several performances in our living room and the music was wonderful. He said the piano was only slightly out of tune and in very good shape.