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Your thoughts will determine the course of your life. Choose your thoughts very carefully, and don't forget to DREAM BIG! Confess what is in your heart because your words also have creative power. Saturate your being with your desire, exercising patience, until your dreams have manifested.
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My Story

As a child I suffered devastating abuse from my father. The very person who was supposed to protect and cherish me did unspeakable damage to me. It seemed like I was called stupid more often than Doris. Although I managed to do well in school academically, I was very shy and lacked confidence. My self esteem was zero. My mother had severe emotional problems, but my father did nothing to help her. He was too busy living an immoral lifestyle. My mother, despite her emotional problems was a woman of prayer, and loved Jesus with all of her heart. I am very grateful for her prayers, because I don’t know where I would have wound up without them—probably dead or on the highway to hell. Thank you mother!

I have been a Christian since 1984. Although I was raised Catholic, I did not know the Lord personally. It was only when I read in the third chapter of the book of John where Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be born again, did I respond with asking Jesus to come into my heart. From that time on I began to study the bible. I have since read countless books and listened to many, many sermons.

While pouring my heart out to God in deep prayer and telling him that I loved him, I was suddenly given the mandate, "FEED MY SHEEP." I did not hear an audible voice, but I certainly heard his voice in my spirit. Like I said, it was sudden—definitely a command.

In the twenty first chapter of the book of John, Peter was given the same command by Jesus. Jesus asked Peter if he loved him, and Peter said that he did, but He became grieved when Jesus asked Peter a third time if he loved him. I find it interesting that just before Jesus’ crucifixion Peter denied the Lord three times.

There are different types of love. When Peter responded with, “You know that I love you, it was with Phileo love which is brotherly or friendship love. Jesus was after a deeper love from Peter. Jesus wanted agape love. This is unconditional selfless love. The day came when Peter demonstrated his selfless love for Jesus by being martyred.

If I love Jesus, “FEED MY SHEEP" is a command I must heed. To do otherwise would be a sin of omission.

Doris Rose Beerwald